Instant Anatomy

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Learn human anatomy with this app - In this application you will find all our lectures, our flash cards, over 1700 MCQs and all our podcasts that you can load onto your portable player. This app is aimed at anyone who is studying human anatomy. It is ideal for medical or nursing students, biological studies students and physiotherapists or doctors looking to refresh their knowledge. It contains lectures covering the following subjects: • Limbs • Thorax • Abdomen • Head and Neck • Embryology • Topics in Focus The material is presented with over 2000 diagrams and over 26 hours of audio. The flash cards are split into the following parts of the body: • Head and Neck - 204 diagrams • Thorax - 67 diagrams • Abdomen - 104 diagrams • Arm - 112 diagrams • Leg - 81 diagrams Each section is then split into the following: • Areas/Organs • Vessels • Nerves • Joints • Muscles • Surface Anatomy • Vertebral Levels To get the 144 podcasts for your portable player you must have iTunes installed. The material is presented by Dr Robert Whitaker who spent his clinical career as a paediatric urological surgeon. Having retired from surgery, Dr Whitaker now teaches clinically applied topographical anatomy to first-year medical students at the University of Cambridge, in the UK. He also teaches clinically applied anatomy to surgical, radiological and other speciality trainees and is a former examiner for the MRCS at the English and Edinburgh Colleges of Surgeons. Dr Whitaker is also the co-author of the top selling book Instant Anatomy. See our website for more information -