Invoice Wizard

OS X 10.10
*****SPECIAL OFFER***** Key Features: - 50+ document templates and design editor for creating custom document templates. - Text, number and money type custom fields adding to partner and product base datas. - Full and part-payment registry per document, tracking expired payment deadline documents. - Handling gross prices which dissolves rounding errors, optional number of prices can be added per product. - Creating email templates, sending invoices as PDF attachment or link. - Notes saved to header, footer and document rows, easy insertion into document. - Diverse, easy to shorten reports per document, client or product. - Easy to make foreign currency invoice with templates that can be customized per currencies. - Multi language; you can edit invoices titles to own language - Currency can be personalized (symbol, code, separator, format) - Handling TAX and support of 2 taxes, primarily for Canadians - Convenient management of clients and items - Managing foreign exchanges with flexible rate intake - The list of foreign exchanges can optionally be extended - Pre-savable notes to headers, footers and uniquely by item rows - Documents can be duplicated - Documents can be saved (as draft); in this way, they can be finalised later - Address can be personalized - Number of digits are available and flexible - Calculate backwards from the gross - Appearance of invoices can be personalized - Invoices can be personalized according to your facade - High resolution logo emplacement on documents In one word: PERFECT