iSentimental LITE – lifelong journal and diary

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Journal and diary app to keep a record of valuable days of your life, events, and feelings: - Record events and feelings for any day, week, month or year - Start every day by looking at the list of entries for the same day (Today's History) over the years - Describe the day, week, month or year briefly, add a more detailed narrative and a picture - See Today's History when you first login, without manually starting the app - Countdowns for your Calendar and Reminders upcoming events - Select a special upcoming event and have its countdown on the menu bar and/or as an app icon badge - Simple and reliable backup/restore - Seamlessly sync the app data across all your mobile devices and your Mac (only in the full version of the app) - Use visual tags (emoji) for your feelings and events (only in the full version of the app) The app allows you to keep a record of events in your life and your feelings for any given day, week, month or year. You can describe the day, week, month or year briefly, and add a more detailed narrative. Every day, when you first login, you may see “Today’s History” – a list of all entries for this day over the years. For example if today is February 1st, the app will show you all events and feelings you entered for this day in the past years. This feature has to be activated in Preferences. The app will retrieve events in Calendar and items in Reminders (with your permission) and will show a list of Upcoming future events with a countdown to each event. You may designate a single future event as a special one and the number of months, weeks or days to the event will appear on the menu bar and/or as a badge on app icon (when the app runs). Displaying the countdown to the special is optional and activated in Preferences. If you choose to provide your date of birth (optional), the program will use it to show some fun statistics, such as calculating the sequential number of a day, week or month for each entry. Please be so kind and rate and review - that helps to improve the App. Thanks!