iTraffic Light Deluxe

OS X 10.6
Wish you could have more control over life? Sometimes feel like you could do a better job than your local civil engineers? Want an addictive and full of energy game? Then look no further! Finally a traffic themed game that is clever, addictive and fun… You will not want to stop playing! With amazing graphics, now you can control who can cross the intersection, and who deserves to wait at the light! Unlike similar game apps, here you control the light, not each car… just like in real life! The idea is very simple, prevent crashes and congestion; just like a real life engineer! You control when the lights let the traffic flow, so that not too many cars accumulate at the intersection. If it gets too crowded you loose! Also, you need to plan strategically when to let it flow in order to prevent accidents with other cars! Give it a try, lets see how good of a controller you are!