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与商务风格一致的专业商务文具,物有所值。我们的iWork商务主题综合包拥有你所需的一切,可提与供商务文具协调一致的魅力设计。在7种不同设计选项中,你会发现信函、手册、日历、信封、发票、通讯稿、商业卡片、鉴定书、证书、演示文稿的模板,还可建议适合的网站。 Overview of the different design options: -„Blue Pro“: high-quality, functional, sophisticated -„Classical Elegance“: classy, elegant, decent -„Clean Green“: creative, top quality, fresh -„Jaunty“: appealing, exact, geometric -„Neotric“: extraordinary, inspiring, bold -„Red Polygon“: impressive, clear, warm -„Staunchly“: expressive, thorough, elegant Included templates: -presentation with different slide templates for diagrams, tables, charts, agenda, chapter, images, quotes -Brochure/flyer with multiple pages -Envelope -Invoice -Letterhead/letter -Business card -Weekly calendar -Certificate -Newsletter with multiple pages -Survey with multiple pages -Several suggestions for an adequate website All templates are available in the DIN A4 format as well as the US Letter format. You can start with editable Pages or Keynote documents or add Pages or Keynote themes to the Theme Chooser. Want to keep up with the latest tips, tricks and exciting promotions in the limitless world of iWork? Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/madeforuse Questions? Just ask! Send us an e-mail at appstore@made-for-use.com. We look forward to your comments.