jalada Textual 4

OS X 10.7.4
Achieving success with a flexible environment If just getting the job done is work enough, the last thing you need is to waste time having to search for and learn another program over and over again. Textual is completely new from the ground up and combines all well-liked features with lots of great new functionalities to every part of Textual. Working steps that previously had to be done through various programs, now find their way into one central application. That's why Textual is so popular. While aiming at simplicity and ease of use, Textual is a powerful general-purpose text editor - packed with features. Textual puts you in control, supports you to structure your thoughts and helps you to get your done in less time. Visit http://www.jalada.eu if you need support or more information. ** Right for nearly everything ** There is a simple idea about productivity and writing. Almost anything you need to do, you can do in plain text, such as but not limited to abstracts, articles for publication, drafts, executive summaries, lists, manuals, notes, questionnaires, reports, scripts, web pages, specifications or training material. Plain text is a great format to use because, it can be read by any computer or device, it is future proof, since computers will always be able to read it, it can be synced to all your devices and it can be converted to virtually any format. With Textual you get your Swiss Army Knife to edit any kind of text-based files. Once Textual launches, you can start right away. ** Made for everyone ** Textual was made to combine a standard, easy to use, graphical user interface with the thorough functionality and stability required by users who work with text eight hours a day. It provides intensive support for development in a wide variety of languages, text processors, and other features, but at the same time it can be used productively by just about anyone who needs to edit text. ** Packed with features ** Textual focuses on professional features that popular word processors generally do not offer, including document management, syntax highlighting, code folding, advanced find and replace operations, auto completion, spell checker and many more useful functions, helping you to make your tasks more efficiently and easier. ** Highlights ** ▪ Syntax Highlighting for 200+ document types ▪ Powerful find and replace ▪ Full support for internationalized text ▪ Seamless Document Management ▪ Dynamically named bookmarks ▪ Find in Files ▪ Multi document editing ▪ Pre-configured popular HTML / PHP functions ▪ Themes with configurable fonts and colors ▪ Auto Completion ▪ Text Folding ▪ Spell Checking support for 30+ languages ▪ Shortcuts for all important commands ▪ Go to specific line ▪ Auto indentation ▪ Text wrapping ▪ Line numbers ▪ Right margin ▪ Current line highlighting ▪ Bracket matching ▪ Backup documents ▪ File reverting ▪ Regular expressions library to find easily common expressions ▪ Regular expression quick reference ▪ Search and Replace History ▪ Multi-level undo and redo ▪ Print line numbers ▪ Printing of syntax highlighting in color ▪ Look up highlighted term from within the editor ▪ Flexible editing environment with an amazing set of integrated tools ▪ Line Edit Commands (Join, Split, Delete, Duplicate, Move, Transpose, etc...) ▪ And all other fundamental text editing operations ** Please note ** Internet connection required for documentation and other online services.