Jamzone – Learn, Play, Jam!

OS X 10.11
Jamzone transforms your Apple device into a live rehearsal studio! Choose your favorite song to jam along to from hundreds of the most popular. ** Multitrack mixer ** Change the volume of each instrument or play in Solo Mode to hear only the instrument you want to learn. ** One Tap Looping ** Instantly loop on one or many sections of your choice. Just want to work on the solo at the end? Or the chorus lick? Easy! In just one tap, turn on the loop mode on the section of your choice and start playing! ** Customized Pitch & Tempo ** Nothing is more frustrating than a track that goes too quickly or is in a difficult key. Make it easier with a track that adapts to YOU: thanks to customized pitch and metronome, say goodbye to G#add4! ** Live Chords & Lyrics ** Jamzone is reinventing the campfire songbook: the music scrolls in sync with the chords and lyrics, perfect for musicians, singers, or both at once! ** Hundreds of tracks ** Explore the Store and add to your collection! Hundreds of multitrack songs, recorded in studio, and ready to use. ** Inter-App Audio Ready ** Jamzone works beautifully with Inter-App Audio, allowing you to use any digital pedalboard or audio app along Jamzone.