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Designed by developers for developers, Jirassic tracks the time you spend at work automatically. There's no tool out there that's so connected with the way developers work today. Jirassic is a Mac app that runs in background and tracks automatically the work you do at your workplace. At the end of the day creates a worklog which you can save to Jira Tempo. Its purpose is to replace primitive tracking methods or relying on memory and do everything automatically. FEATURES: -- Track automatically the time you’ve spent on tasks based on git commits -- Track lunch break -- Track daily scrum meetings if they are away from the computer -- Track code reviews -- Track time on social media -- Save worklogs to Jira Tempo HOW IT WORKS: -- When you open your computer in the morning, Jirassic will ask you to start the day -- Tasks are logged automatically or manually when you finish them, not when you start. The premise is that you're always doing something from start to finish, which you do, isn't? -- At the end of the day/week/month you can save the worklogs to Jira Tempo or go to reports tab and see them in more detail. Enjoy your day and leave the dirty work to Jirassic!