XustoISO – CD DVD image converter

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This is the simplest CD/DVD image converter. Using this great App, you can convert your CD/DVD images to a more reliable format like ISO, DMG or WAV (Audio tracks - Only traditional stereo audio tracks are supported. No DTS support). It's simple and fast. Only select your image file, and XustoISO just will do it. Valid CD/DVD image input formats are: - ISO: Data track. - DMG: Data track. - NRG: Data track and audio tracks. (Some images are incompatible and may not work). - B5I: Data track. - CDR: Data track. - MDF: Data track. No MDS file needed. - MDS/MDF: Audio tracks. - BIN/CUE: Data track and audio tracks. - CDI: Data track and audio tracks. - DAA: Data track. - GBI: Data track. - UIF: Data track. - APE/CUE: Audio tracks. - FLAC/CUE: Audio tracks. Keep your CD images unified! * Special thanks to Ángela García Jiménez for helping design creation. * If you like it, please, rate it; and if you find any issue, please, contact us.