Jot Pronto – Notepad

OS X 10.13
Jot Pronto is a simple plain text & code editor. The app was built with speed in mind. Jot Pronto meaning a note taking app that allows awesome users take down notes fast. ** FEATURES ** * Always on top mode. Allows the app to always be placed over other windows while multitasking and taking notes. * Easily position Jot Pronto to left of screen, right, top, bottom, and even center. * 6 great colored themes to choose from. Choose from one of the following: blue, dark, gray, green, pink, and white. * App position, size, theme, and always on top preferences are always remembered for you every time the app is opened again. ** FILES SUPPORTED ** 1. Plain Text (.txt). 2. CSS. 3. C++ Source. 4. C++ Header. 5. C#. 6. Data File. 7. Gradle. 8. Java. 9. Javascript. 10. JSON. 11. JSP. 12. Log File. 13. HTML. 14. Objective-C Source. 15. Objective-C Header. 16. PHP. 17. Script. 18. SQL. 19. SQLite. 20. Swift. 21. XML. Any files not included? Send me an email and I'll have it supported ASAP.