Window Refresh

OS X 10.11
We love our SANs, NASes, and all the fun when working with shared / network storage. But! You have probably seen a time or two that you know a file should be in a folder, but don't see it. Then you feel like you have to reboot, remount or do something crazy to make Finder show you the real story. How sad! Here comes Window Refresh! Window Refresh is a menu bar app and Finder extension that will effectively "refresh" your open Finder windows to give you the most accurate representation of the files living in a shared storage environment. The app monitors all external and mountable network volumes as your browse throughout Finder. You can trigger a refresh by simply clicking on the menubar icon or the Finder window's extension icon. You can even set an automatic refresh every minute or so. A refresh effectively informs macOS to update the file listing. Some network share updates may be delayed by a short minute. *Setup Note: Window Refresh uses a Finder Extension to keep track of your open Finder windows, so please make sure you set it up! To help, when Window Refresh detects that the Finder Extension is not running, you will be prompted to help enable it. Features: • Refreshes the folders and files in your currently open Finder windows by informing the filesystem to update. • Ability to launch the app automatically on login (user enabled). • Execute a refresh automatically (user enabled). • Use a Finder window toolbar icon to refresh just that window. • A nice little sound to let you know when a refresh is complete.