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JSON2Swift is a code generator which generates modern Swift 3 code of models from JSON. It is straightforward and easy to use. The minimum required input is a JSON text(or URL) and the name of generated model. It also provide full support for customisation. By using it, it generates hundreds of lines code, saving you tens of hours for each project. ** Features ** - Live generation, generate Swift 3 code while you are typing or editing - Load JSON from URL - List all objects and attributes in the JSON - Disable a property to exclude it in the struct/class - Options to make generated object a class or struct - Modify objects name and properties name - Optionally give a default value - Options to declare property using "var" or "let" - Optionally to make property an optional value - Optionally to make property private - Optionally to convert "Int" value to "Date" type - Generate Swift 3 file with Xcode template file header - Generate 4 initialisers and optionally support NSCoding - All struct/class conform to a protocol to support functions with generic type - Output as files ready to use