Intel 64 / OS X
$ 4.92
UnDistracted gives you the tools you need to make your desktop less distracting, so you can focus on the task at hand. The app lets you perform specific actions, like darkening unused background windows, hiding all the files on your desktop, and even making the Dock and menu bar disappear altogether for a truly zen-like working environment. Main Features Shadows windows of inactive applications (like these apps do: HazeOver, StayFocused) Hides Dock and menu bar Hides icons on the desktop Automatically turns "do not disturb" mode on and sets respective status in messengers (Skype and Adium, in the nearest time we will will add support for some other applications and messengers) Runs various scripts when turning "Focus mode" on/off Unlike other applications, UnDistracted removes all distracting factors "in one click" Unique feature of UnDistracted is its ability to launch and close applications, turn system functions on/off, change system parameters, basically change everything that is available on macOS with AppleScript, bash and modification of system settings.