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Jumpshare is a file sharing, screen recording, and screenshot capture app built into the menu bar. To share a file, just drag it to the Jumpshare icon in the menu bar and a link will be copied to your clipboard instantly, ready to be shared. If you’re looking for a more personal way to share your files, you can email them directly using the Jumpshare app. We’ve built screen recorder, screenshot capture, note taking, webcam recording and voice clip recording tools right inside the app. You can take screenshots and annotate (write, draw, and add shapes), record screencasts (with voiceover and click tracking) in video and GIF, compose notes with syntax highlighting (text, markdown, or code), and record voice clips to share quickly, and more. Packed with powerful sharing features and a robust conversion engine that can preview over 200 file formats online, Jumpshare is the fastest and easiest way to share your files. "Jumpshare is my go-to way of sending design mockups and final files to clients. It is simple, fast, and reliable.” — Jord Riekwel, Designer "As a developer, I am constantly sharing files with others for debugging, screen caps for bug reports, SVG files for getting feedback on designs, documents, and more. The fact that those can be displayed online without needing any special software is immensely helpful.” — Luiz Berti, Developer “We are fans of Jumpshare because it makes sharing files as easy as dragging and dropping them.” - Thorin Klosowski, Lifehacker “[The] king of simple file sharing” - Matthew Guay, AppStorm Features: • Share unlimited files per month • Any file you share can be viewed online • View history of uploads and real-time file view count • Customize the theme of file viewer • Share links using short or long URLs (for increased security) • Get instant notifications when recipients view or download your files • Reshare, rename or delete files from the menubar popover window • Share notes, screenshots, voice clips and screencasts using customizable keyboard shortcuts • Share from external apps: Photoshop, Sketch, Chrome, Safari, and more! • Share on social media: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn • Automatically detects your network settings to work behind corporate proxy • Quickly access important files by marking them as ‘Favorite’ • Change notification sound Get more with Jumpshare Plus: • Share links that expire after custom number of days, views or downloads • Disable download so recipients can only preview the file • Schedule your files to be sent via email at a certain day/time automatically • Lock your files with a password for extra security • Set your files to self-destruct (auto delete) after 'x' number of days • View Advanced Statistics for each item; views, downloads and referrers • Share files as big as you want, no file size limit • 1TB (1,000GB) space • Unlimited Screen Recording • Version History • Custom Branding • Custom Domain • Priority Support