Juranka Classic

OS X 10.9
Juranka is a fun, fast, and addictive word game based on the linguistic decoding tool called onsets and rimes. Match the Onsets on the left with the Rimes on the right to form as many words as you can before time runs out! For every 50 points you get an extra 30 seconds. This free version lets you play until 100 points. We are indebted to 40 years of linguistic research which has proven that onsets and rimes are an effective decoding tool to train children with reading disabilities and dyslexic readers. It will be valuable for all learners of English including the billion ESL students studying our language worldwide. It is the fastest word game on the market because it requires the matching of only two word segments to make an entire word. Tom Juranka has a patent on micro-processor based Onset-Rime games.