KeepNotes for Google Keep

OS X 10.10
«KeepNotes for Google Keep» is the easiest and the most convenient way to access Google Keep Notes on your Mac.   Google Keep is an excellent service to create notes, but it is not very convenient to work with it through a web browser.  When developing KeepNotes the main goal was to make working with Google Keep on Mac convenient, and to provide the fasters access to notes.   Powerful functions are at your disposal, such as a widget for desktop, multi window mode, and fast menu bar access. There are a lot of hot keys to make your work even faster. = Main Features = + Quick Entry - Create notes fast by using hotkey and QuickEntry Window + Desktop Widget - With the desktop widget, you can access your notes any moment + Menu bar icon - Menu bar icon - you can open the list of notes in the Menu bar by using a hotkey + Create notes from clipboard … just press the hotkey and the text appears in the note + Various modes - “Window mode”, “Desktop widget”, “Menu bar mode” + Hotkeys - Hotkeys to speed up you work NB: An Internet Connection is needed to use "KeepNotes for Google Keep». Offline mode not supported.     Legal Note: This app is in no way affiliated with, authorized, maintained, sponsored or endorsed by the Google Inc. Keep and all other copyrights are the property of Google Inc. and their respective owners. If you have any questions, suggestions, feedback, a bug to report, or just want to send us some appreciation, we are listening at Subscribe to the news on our website - soon a very large update will be added many interesting features.