Kerberos Ticket Autorenewal

OS X 10.10
Keeps Kerberos tickets always actual by automatically refreshing them using the saved password. Kerberos is commonly used in corporate environments as a mechanism behind Single Sign-On (SSO) which allows to use intranet resources without entering password every time. FEATURES: • Automatic Ticket Renewal — if a ticket expires (or disappears for any reason) the app will instantly get another one using the password saved in Keychain. • If you choose not to save any password for the ticket, the app will still use passwordless renewal (`kinit -R`) when possible, keeping the ticket actual until maximum renewable lifetime of the ticket runs out. • Changing Expired Password — displays notification when Kerberos password expires and allows to change it. • Multiple tickets can be maintained. • Can optionally prevent others apps from changing the default ticket. NOTE: If you plan to delete tickets (`kdestroy` etc), make sure to disable autorenewal first, otherwise this app will just instantly reinstate them.