One Cloud Backup

OS X 10.9
*** For best experience we recommend installing DiskKeeper Pro first. *** One Cloud Backup is a backup utility that uses Dropbox and/or Box cloud services to backup your data. With One Cloud Backup you can backup the most critical data of your computer such as: - Documents - Pictures - Music - Movies - Downloads - Custom items of your choice Supports two cloud services so far: - Dropbox - Box Restore with one click and a lot of options, automatically: - make backup(s) on your local content and restore - restore only those items that don't exist on you computer (merge) (good for syncing multiple computers) - replace your local items with the backup ones (good for updating multiple computers) Every time you create a backup the old one is stored so you can easily access older versions of your files by date. Older versions are easy to delete so you can free up disk space. You can easily browse your backups and interact with their content.