KeyFlow Pro 2

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Store, search, play, annotate and share with full Final Cut Pro X integration. ### KEY FEATURES ### FULL FILE COMPATABILITY ● Work with virtually all types of video, audio, image, document and package files like Keynote and iBooks files. MULTIPLE STORAGE OPTIONS ● Copy and manage files in the KeyFlow Pro library or reference files in their current locations. AUTOMATIC IMPORT ● Add folders that update frequently as a Live Folder that detects and update automatically. The macOS notification lets you know in real-time what is added to the Live Folder you set. PREVIEW VIDEO ● Quickly create low-res H.264 video files automatically in the background for faster previews and lower network bandwidth. ADVANCED SEARCH ● Unlock the power of Boolean logic for faster searches across all files and file metadata like Keyword tags, Finder tags, Annotations, GPS Locations, Metadata, and File Path locations. EDIT FRIENDLY ANNOTATIONS ● Add markers and ranged keywords to any video for use in Final Cut Pro X, Final Cut Pro 7, Premiere Pro CC or export them as a CSV. Also, transcript files can be imported as notes. (FCPXML, SRT supported) NLE FRIENDLY XML ● Easily send files with metadata to Final Cut Pro X or Final Cut Pro 7 from KeyFlow Pro or export XML for use in Premiere Pro CC. REMOTE UPLOAD ● Upload files into a shared KeyFlow Pro library or select an external storage location for referencing. DRAG & DROP ● Drag and drop media files directly from KeyFlow Pro to almost any application. In addition, share FCPX projects (and events) on-the-fly using Drag-and-Drop between KeyFlow Pro and Final Cut Pro X. USER-DEFINED WORKFLOW ● Create powerful workflows easily to automatically tag, encode, transfer, rename and more. WATCH FOLDERS ● Use Watch Folders to automatically import files to a specific project or group. BATCH RELINK ● Relink multiple files at once to quickly reconnect files that have been moved from their original location. CUSTOM METADATA SET ● Use the included EXIF, IPTC, and Final Cut Pro X metadata sets or build your own custom metadata fields. UPGRADE TO SERVER (IN-APP PURCHASES) ● With a purchase of "Server Expansion Pack", build a collaborative environment for your team. Clients can connect to the server over the network. FCPX AGENT FOR KEYFLOW PRO (OPTIONAL) ● Download the free FCPX Agent app to export QuickTime MOV and/or FCPXML file with metadata (Share Attributes) from Final Cut Pro X to KeyFlow Pro.