Kids Literacy Games Pro

OS X 10.7
Kids Literacy Games Pro is series of 9 educational games offering kids to learn and explore their imagination while having fun. Enjoy playing many educational games and learning new things. Great solution for kids in preschool age. Faster development, entertaining times and lovely parent-kid activity. COUNTING, PUZZLES AND CRAFTS On these educational games, kids can learn counting with the Count My pets game that offers dragging animals into their home in many exciting levels. For kids in preschool these games offer a Jigsaw puzzles, a game of fitting pieces together in a Jigsaw challenge. Also, for kids that like to explore their creative side and learn to make crafts, the app is offering easy and simple crafts for kids. MATH, ALPHABET & BRAIN TRAINER This educational app is offering a math game also known as the Color Math game that is easy to understand game of addition and subtraction with pictorial representation. The Brain Trainer of this app is allowing the kids to play the game of spotting the small difference in two similar pictures. For kids that need to learn alphabet, the app is offering the game called Dot to Tot for connecting alphabets and learning them in sequence. COLORING, PLAYING MUSIC & FLYING On these educational games there is also one coloring game for kids that like to paint and color. The game is offering the kids to paint and color their own unique pictures with many different colors. The Jukebox Rhymes is a Toddler Dance Play and Sing game for dancing and playing musical instruments, all in one app. On the Chopper Crazy game, the kids can have the pleasure of flying cute helicopters. FULL LIST OF GAMES: 1. Count My Pets- Learn counting by dragging the animals and birds to their home with interesting levels.  2. Jigsaw - Preschool Puzzles for Kids (level) - A game of fitting the pieces together to meet the jigsaw challenge.  3. Easy Craft – Kid’s Craft Book (level) - Enjoy your time in the craft corner by making wonderful things in this game.  4. Color Math- An easy to understand game of addition and subtraction with pictorial representation.  5. Brain Trainer - Spot the Difference- A game of spotting the small difference in two similar pictures.  6. Dot to Tot – Connect Alphabets- A game of connecting dots and learning alphabets in sequence.  7. Kid’s Paints and Colors - Make marvelous picture with many colors.  8. Jukebox Rhymes – Toddler Dance Play and Sing- Sing, dance and play musical instruments, all in one app.  9. Chopper Crazy - Little Flier- An app that gives you the pleasure of flying cute helicopters.  This series is all about how to teach your child creatively and have fun with him. All you needed to start with, is a part of this series. A balance of learning while enjoying can be beautifully and easily achieved with your kids. So get ready for an amazing experience!  KiDS LITERACY GAMES PRO FEATURES - For building child’s observation power and concentration - Stimulating the kid’s visual, auditory and tactile senses - Kids learn about dimension, achieving targets, numbers, colors, and letters - Kids can sing rhymes, dance and play with musical instruments - Guided activities with suitable hints and tutorials - Pleasant background and music. ----------------------- Help your kid learn through fun and explore his creativity on these fun educational games. Download it now on App Store.