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Did you know that if you type two hours a day for five days a week, but hunt and peck you're typing about 30,000 fewer words than people who've learned to type properly with Kids Typing Express? Learning to type correctly with our system allows young readers and writers to effectively share their ideas with others. Kids Typing Express uses short, simple lessons to create a stress-free learning environment. Unlike other touch-typing programs retrofitted to look suitable for kids, we show little (and big) hands how to communicate efficiently and unlock creative expression. To do this we developed alongside veteran educators with over 30 years of classroom experience a unique system called the Purposeful Associative Learning System (PALS). Because our approach promotes communication skills and fosters language development, the program also empowers children with special needs to be independent learners. We use positive reinforcement so that children (and you) will return again and again to visit and learn from our lovable, puppets.