Kingdom Chronicles (Full)

OS X 10.6.0
*** Mac App Store Best 0f 2012 in 148 countries! A strategy game that requires quick actions, smart decisions and some management skills to success. Discover an adventure story in fancy medieval setting, where you have to build, trade, research and battle. This is an adventure story about John Brave who finds his homeland captured by a greedy villain and only he is courageous enough to fight and save the kingdom from total plunder. Control workers, clerks and warriors on your quest to restore the towns and villages, solve mysteries, defeat the enemies and restore order. Special magic skills and artifacts will assist to rescue the princess, defeat the villain, and save the homeland. ** Kingdom Chronicles (Full) includes Extra Episodes! ** Main features: - Story driven gameplay - 40 episodes with unique tasks - Construction, trading, battles and mysterious quests - Special magic skills and artifacts - More than 30 trophies to gain In addition to the main campaign "Kingdom Chronicles" provides: - Additional "prequel" episodes - Integrated Strategy Guide for main campaign - Art gallery ----------------------------------- Find us - Follow us - Watch us - Visit us -