Kingpin Web Browser

OS X 10.9.0
Kingpin browser is full-featured browser with incognito mode and adblock always turned on. It does not remember the history, passwords, or cookies. The browser is using Google search with turned off Google autocomplete as default (can be changed in settings). It can be used like additional browser for browsing sensitive content, or browser used for more secured online shopping and banking. Why you should give Kingpin browser a try: • No history of browsing sensitive content (i.e. dating sites, shopping gifts, researching medical issues) • No auto-completion of the URLs, do not worry if someone looks over your shoulder • No tracking, you will not be followed with ads/recommendations (i.e. you will not see annoying Amazon on or Youtube recommendations) • None of your credentials will be saved when logging in • You can use this browser as additional browser, it means you can stay logged into services on your default browser • You can use Kingpin browser while using a computer that is not yours to protect your privacy • All financial operations are safer to do in an incognito mode which you do not need to think of – it is turned on by default • Avoid all annoying ads, ad blocker is turned on by default • You can prevent unwanted use of the browser by enabling secure PIN code • You can lock your browser by clicking the lock button