Kitchen Sidekick

OS X 10.6.6
This handy cook’s helper works in two ways. It will either size recipes (say you have a recipe for 6 but need to serve two) or convert measures from one set of units to another. It will work across different sets of units converting from and to US, UK, and Metric measurements. Values are shown in fractions where appropriate giving you results such as 1 and 1/3 cups rather than 1.3333. As a bonus, Kitchen Sidekick performs temperature conversions between Fahrenheit to Celsius. There are a variety of common and uncommon units available. You can convert to and from the following: bushels (US dry) cups (Australia & Canada) cups (UK) cups (US) dessertspoons (UK) drops fifths gallons (UK fluid) gallons (US fluid) gills (UK) gills (US) grams (weight) jiggers kilograms (weight) Liters Milliliters ounces (UK fluid) ounces (US fluid) ounces (weight) pecks (US dry) pinches (dry) pints (Australia) pints (UK fluid) pints (US dry) pints (US fluid) pounds quarts (UK fluid) quarts (US dry) quarts (US fluid) sticks of butter (weight) tablespoons (Australia) tablespoons (UK) tablespoons (US) teaspoons (UK) teaspoons (US)