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FlyingSticks is for archers with an interest in the physical and statistical theory behind archery. For non-technical archers, FlyingSticks can generate sight tapes, assist in spine tuning and to get a “feel” for many aspects of archery, especially group sizes, score analysis and the impact of wind, particularly gusting. Technical and advanced archers can use FlyingSticks to quantify the impact of making changes to their gear such as: draw length, arrow mass, point shape, fletching size, shooting altitude, arrow resonance, etc. For those with an interest in traditional and war bows, performance can be accurately estimated. For hunters, FlyingSticks breaks new ground in calculating penetration, probability of an ethical kill and the maximum ethical range for different game based on the hunter’s form, range, wind and the kit’s capability. A powerful feature is parametric plot generation that allows any two variables to be graphed with a third as a control. For example: round score vs wind speed with arrow mass as a control variable. Features • Quick start options for a fast introduction. • Support for most bow types — traditional, recurve, compound and crossbow. • Comprehensive arrow aerodynamics and 3D ballistics. • Calculates wind drift, including vertical wind gradients. • Models archer’s statistical form. • Round score prediction and conversions. • Group size sensitivity to wind gusting, draw variations, arrow rotation, stabilizers, canter, range error. • Archer’s form calculated from round scores or group size. • Over 90 standard rounds for target, indoor, field and clout shooting. • Precision sight tape generation with numerous options. • Spine tuning, with auto tune assist options. • Arrow resonance and rotation (fishtailing) flight modelling. • Stabilizer contribution to archer’s form. • Clout sight (prism and periscope) attachment support, with arrow mass optimisation. • Flight range estimates. • Canter calculation for cross-wind compensation. • Arrow drag from arrow parameters or ballistic analysis. • Arrow’s FOC and more importantly its stability factor. • Imperial, metric or mixed units with automatic conversions. • Printable kit and performance reports. • Custom calculations and graphing with the Lua scripting. • Custom and predefined parametric plots e.g. Round score vs wind speed with arrow mass as a control variable. • Comprehensive popup help when needed. • Growing list of HowTo guides and expanding eBooklet. Features for hunters: • Multi-pin range spacing optimisation with printable template. • Range estimation error effects. • Wind and target movement lead. • “Sweet range” for small game and instinctive shooting. • Over 30 game types. • Penetration calculations. • Ethical kill probability and • Maximum ethical range. The core of FlyingSticks is a precision ballistics engine that covers an arrow’s flight from the moment of release to the penetration of a target.