Large File Detector

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***** Holiday Sale for a Limited Time!! Normal price: $19.99 ***** *** Get it to help you do a thorough sorting with your hard drive! Does your Mac run slowly? Or it usually alerts you that it has no more space to store files? Don’t worry! This Large File Detector will help you out with great ease! It’s developed to find the large files on your Mac and delete the helpless ones to free more storage space so that you Mac will run faster with lighter burden. ==== KEY FEATURES ==== - Support to search big files from several folders or the whole disk. - Customize the search conditions in the Filter box: you can choose the file categories and set the Min Size and Max Size as need. - It will list the files from large ones to small ones, and the pie chart will clearly show you the size of every file category. - Click the “eye” like button to let the useful or important file off. - Hit the search button to show the file in finder. - Get rid of some redundant large files to get more storage space. - Easy to use and extra-fast running speed. - Now Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10 supported! - Light small app which will not occupy much space. ==== FOLLOW US ==== Like us on Facebook at Follow us on Twitter at Share us on Google+ at To get the latest giveaway and updates news.