Latex Presentation

OS X 10.8
Latex Presentation was designed specifically for students and educators who routinely use Latex/Beamer to create their PDF presentations. Latex Presentation strips down presentations to its bare essentials: Slides, Timer, Progress Monitor, Previews of Upcoming and Preceding Slides. Launching the software automatically detects auxiliary displays connected to the computer (like projector, external display, etc.) and lays out the slides appropriately. If an external display is connected, the software shows the elapsed time, a preview of the upcoming slide and the previous slide in the primary display (laptop screen). It is simple and straightforward to use. Primarily, this software fulfills a much requested timer and slide preview features, from people who extensively use a PDF for their presentations. Features * Dual monitor support. * Automatic setup of presentation slides on the external display and presenter guide on the primary monitor. * Designed for Latex/Beamer PDF files. * Elapsed time monitor. * Preview of upcoming and previous slides. * Presentation progress monitor. Note: The view displaying timer and preview of upcoming slides will be enabled only when an external display is connected and the displays are not configured to be mirrored. When using this app with a single monitor, the the timer view will be automatically disabled. Usage * Left and Right arrows to move forward and backward in the presentation. * Up and Down arrows work similar to Left and Right arrows * Esc to quit the application.