Leap Frog

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Hop into action with the cutest frog in town, Jumpin' Jack! Slingshot your newest amphibian friend across lily pads to escape the dangerous waterfall! Poor Jack never learned how to swim so be sure not to jump into the river! Click Jack to initiate targeting and pull your cursor back to increase Jack's jumping distance. Make sure to anticipate for the movement of the lily when making longer jumps! The faster the lily is moving, the more points you'll earn from landing on it. Flies are worth mega points! So be sure to eat as many as you can while you struggle to stay afloat in the wild river. Check the scoreboard to see the top score from your 5 best games! FEATURES ☆ One-Click Slingshot Gameplay ☆ High Score Tracking proves who is the best! ☆ HD Graphics will dazzle your retina, and your display! ☆ Kid friendly fun for everyone!