Learn Japanese with Phrases and Lessons – Beginner

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Get this great app to start or supplement your Japanese studies! Its so much more than a simple phrase book. Learn Japanese Phrases, Grammar, Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji For Beginners and Upper Beginners. Over 2,500 Japanese Phrases, all with sound; And hundreds of lessons. And over 2,500 flash cards to learn, practice and quiz in a multi-choice format. This app is perfect for those who are just starting out with Japanese, and it is designed for those with little or no Japanese knowledge, but as you progress you can turn romaji off (or back on if you get stuck). But we're sure that once you've mastered Hiragana and Katakana you will leave romaji off so you can improve your pronunciation and increase your native Japanese skills. The lesson section has HUNDREDS of pages on hiragana, katakana, grammar, and more. PLUS nearly every Japanese word or phrase found in the lessons has a native speaker sound file which you can hear just by clicking the phrase. And there are flash cards built in for every word or phrase in the lessons, (over 2,500 of them!) Although this app will be helpful for those traveling in Japan, it is really designed to be a conversational phrasebook. It is best for those who want to quickly learn conversational Japanese with correct pronunciation. The words and phrases encountered here are among the most used in everyday conversational Japanese. And we want to give you a solid foundation for what we hope will be a lifelong love affair with Japan and the Japanese language. Nothing can take the place of a good textbook and this is certainly not an attempt to do so. We highly recommend that you use this app in conjunction with a good textbook to keep your learning structured and regular. A great way to learn vocabulary and grammar is to memorize phrases and to know when to use them. Listening and repeating the words and phrases will also help improve pronunciation and listening comprehension. So... hundreds of lessons covering hiragana, katakana, basic kanji and useful phrases... over 2,500 words and phrases with flash cards and native speaker audio... and a multi-choice quiz to help you remember them and to track your progress... PLEASE let us know if you have ANY suggestions to make this better. And please ask if you have any questions or problems.