Learn To Play Double Bass

OS X 10.11
The Double Bass is a great instrument to learn to play. This app has dedicated section groups dedicated to Beginners, Bowing Techniques, Rockabilly Style, Jazz, Classical, Swing Style and general lessons. In all there are over 340 easy to follow video lessons. The app has many easy to use features: Take The Guided Tour to see how you can... *** play the lessons *** alter the lesson title *** alter the lesson description *** add your own user notes *** give your own rating to each lesson *** skip backwards and forwards between the lesson groups The lessons are far too numerous to mention but include: Left Hand Technique for DoubleUpright Bass Lesson with Geoff Chalmers L1 Six Common Problems with Left Hand Technique on the DoubleUpright Bass L2 Standing Posture Setting Double Bass Height Beginner Upright Bass Lesson L5 Right Hand Technique for DoubleUpright Bass Lesson with Geoff Chalmers L3 How to Change the Strings on a Double Bass L49 The One Thing - Awesome Practice Tip for All Musicians L56 Tuning Anchors - How to Find the Notes Play Them in Tune Double Bass Lesson L46 How To Fit A DoubleUpright Bass In A Small Car L30 Double Bass Survival Guide L52 Beginner Double Bass Lesson Sitting Position Good Posture Upright Bass Tutorial L6 How Can I Tell if Im Playing in Tune Double Bass Lesson L40 5 Things That Are Hurting Your Playing - Double Bass Lesson L91 Gig Bag Essentials for Double Bassists L64 Lauren Pierce Beginners Bowing Lesson - Arm Angle L76 Circle of 5ths vs Scale Pairs - Double Bass Scales Tips L73 Double Bassists - How To Control Your Left Hand - Lesson With Geoff Chalmers L43 Left Hand Thumb Technique for Double Bassists L58 How to Tighten the Double Bass Bow L74 Shift Dont Stretch - Double Bass Lesson L71 String Muting Technique for Double Bassists - Lesson with Geoff Chalmers L53 Double Bass Stool Review 2 Tips to do More with 1 Octave Scales - Double Bass Lesson L72 How to Hide the Sound of a Shift on the Double Bass L94 Using ArmHand Weight the Balance Point L69 German vs French Double Bass Bow for Beginners - Ask Geoff Lauren 1 How to get Gigs Real World Gigging Tips for Double Bassists L63 Switching Between Pizz Arco French Bow - Double Bass Lesson L78 Switching Between Pizz Arco German Bow - Double Bass Lesson L77 Quick Tips to help Learn Your Key Signatures for Bassists - L79 New vs Old Double Bass Strings - Can you tell the difference How to Play Tricky Shifts on the Double Bass L87 How to Tune a Double Bass Left Hand Shape - Beginners Double Bass Lesson L107 String names and Tuning Beginner Upright Bass Lesson Double Upright Bass Standing and Sitting Positions Setting the Endpin beginner double bass Lesson Left Hand Technique Double Bass Tutorial for Beginners Left Hand Technique Double Bass Exercises for Beginners Part1 Left Hand Technique Double Bass Exercises for Beginners Part2 Left Hand Technique Double Bass Exercises for Beginners Part3 Jazz Double Bass Right Hand Technique and Tone Production Jazz Double Bass Right Hand Tone Production Exercises