OS X 10.7
This is a Excellent Video Training Course on Making your Own Apple Watch Applications The course covers the apple watch kit, with tons of exercises and real useful Apple Watch apps built from scratch, with the final completed source code for you to enjoy! This course is suitable for any one who want to make an apple watch app. I'm similar like you and I only start to work with Apple Watch before you only few months so I will know how it is and I can give you my advises also my experiments to work with Apple Watch. I come from zero to learn how to make an app for IOS and apple watch and I know how to guide the student like you to make your apps with your idea. So don't worry. I will let you step by step from the beginning to the end of this course and will help you to fix your bugs and give you some advice to improve it. You will learn to prepare for you code environment by making some easy app and I will guide you step by step to better apps.