Lessons for Compressor

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Lessons for Compressor will teach you how to encode and digitally distribute your video using Apple’s Pro Video App, Compressor. •Start learning with 2 free lessons! •Buy only the lessons you need with individual movie purchases •If you like what you see, unlock the remaining lessons for only $19.99 Lessons for Compressor will teach you to expertly navigate Compressor’s interface and understand digital distribution workflows. You’ll learn how to: •Navigate Compressor’s User Interface •Create encoded streams for DVD or Blu-Ray disks •Export directly to YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook •Understand the core workflow of encoding/transcoding from start to finish •Prepare your feature film for selling in the iTunes Store •Create custom encoding presets for Final Cut Pro X •Assign metadata to your encoded movies •Utilize job batching to save time •Create custom presets and locations •Work with Surround Sound groups •Attach and preview Closed Caption files •Convert files to different formats - such as from NTSC to PAL or SD to HD •Add timecode to video files •Modify media frame rate, size and aspect ratio •Use markers or import chapter marker lists •Distribute media encoding across multiple workstations •Conform media and crop or re-time video •Send files directly to Compressor from Final Cut Pro X or Motion •Directly import Motion projects into Compressor and much more! Have fun learning while you learn at your own pace: •Each of the 10 lessons are short and easy to digest •Watch them continuously or just a few at a time •Lessons are delivered in a relaxed style by a professional producer and digital distribution expert •Easily switch between Lessons for Compressor and the Compressor application to practice what you learn Lesson for Compressor will help you to: •Avoid common pitfalls and frustrations during digital distribution •Speed up your workflow •Professionally encode and deliver your media to your client’s specs