LignUp Multi Collector Free

OS X 10.6.6
The multipurpose collector opens amazing facilities, which you can completely acquire just in a half an hour. That's a real Magic — a perfect victory of order over chaos! With the Multi Collector lots of separate elements become a genuine treasure — an ordered harmonious collection. You can easily assort the collection as you like, add random sections and keep all necessary information about items in database. List of features: - Predefined collectibles, Custom collectibles. - Smart filters with ability to construct complex formulas. - Embedded Online search. - Capturing from camera. - Internal image editor for cropping and image adjustment. - Database manager for handling many types of collectibles. - Search, Sorting and arranging by fields and categories. - Cards, Table, Statistic and Preview views. - Customizable skins and layouts. - Import and export database using CSV (Numbers & Excel). - Auto completers.