Signing – Digital Signature

OS X 10.11
Singing is your app if you need to create digital signatures and paste them on documents in minutes. Speed up your workflow with Signing and sign documents with ease. Creating your signature images with Signing is as simple as drawing and sketching on a piece of paper. Just by using your finger or a stylus, you can sign your name using the built-in multitouch trackpad, mouse, or Magic Trackpad. You can easily get your digital signatures in PNG image files stored in one place. Copy your signatures from the app and insert or paste on documents in other applications hassle freely. App highlights: -Create and store unlimited digital signatures. -Easy to use minimal app interface. -Open app from Menu bar and create signatures. -Increase or decrease pen thickness. -Choose from 10 ink color presets. -Open all your saved signatures in a grid view. -Easily copy and paste or insert signatures in documents. -Increase signature image size up to 200 percent. HOW TO CREATE SIGNATURE BY USING TRACKPAD: Please move your cursor over the signature canvas area of the app and click on it to activate Sign Mode. In Sign Mode, the entire Trackpad area works as the signature canvas. Use finger to create your signature. In Sign Mode, you won’t be able to see your regular cursor and do anything outside Signing App. Please press shift+A to release cursor and quit Sign Mode. So, download Signing today and never bother whenever you get a digital document that requires your signature.