LinCastor Browser

OS X 10.10
Do you work with multiple browsers? Do you lookup information on the web? Then LinCastor Browser is just for you. GET TO CHOOSE When you click on a link, LinCastor Browser asks you to choose a browser to load the link with from a menu. Menu can contain a browser, an application but also AppleScript, shell script, Automator Workflow or even OS X share service. OPEN WITH ALTERNATIVE LinCastor can work with local files too. Sometimes you want to open a file with two different application depending on task you want to accomplish. For example you may want to view an image in the Preview but edit it using the Photoshop. LinCastor's menu makes it possible and easy for you to choose the right app. POWERFUL REFERENCE LOOKUP TOOL Select text, right-click to get the service context menu and choose 'Lookup Text Using URL'. LinCastor Browser can associate a text pattern with specific query link and a browser. For example you can select a text and translate it using Google or convert inches to centimeters using WolframAlpha. PAIR ANY LINK TO A BROWSER Google docs works the best in the Chrome or you may need to load a legacy web site in old Internet Explorer while using Safari for all the rest. LinCastor Browser rules make it easy to associate a link matching a certain criteria to the right browser. It also contains its own Web view which is perfect for doing quick lookups. THE SHARE SERVICES EVERYWHERE Neither Google Chrome nor Firefox, support OS X share services natively. LinCastor Browser allows you to perform a share service on any link. SITE PHISHING PROTECTOR Although this particular use may not be the most obvious one, it may even save your day one day. As LinCastor Browser kicks in before any ‘real’ browser has a chance to load a link you just clicked on, it gives you a chance to examine it before you take any further action.