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Linea Link is the easiest way to get sketches drawn on your iPad over to your macOS desktop. Using iCloud sync, all your Linea projects and sketches are instantly available for use in your favorite Mac applications. Start a new Photoshop document using Linea's layers. Reference a quick design sketch while working in Xcode. Transcribe meeting notes into a Pages document. Linea on iOS works great to get an idea started, and Linea Link is the first step to making it real. If you sketch with Linea on iPad, Linea Link will quickly become an indispensable part of your creative workflow. Features include: • Effortlessly browse content synced via iCloud • Send sketches to your favorite image editor with a single click • Easily preview Linea sketches using Quick Look • Share sketches via iMessage, email, and more • Support for Touch Bar to streamline your workflow • Save Linea sketches as flattened PNG or layered PSD • Use "Send to" to send images to Preview, iMessage & more • Adjustable thumbnail size for a clearer view of your sketches Supports the following third-party image editors: • Adobe Photoshop • Affinity Designer • Affinity Photo • Pixelmator Pro • Pixelmator • Sketch • Acorn