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LinguaBrowse is the ultimate web browser for reading foreign-language native materials. It supports 30 languages, offering the following tools: • TAP-TO-DEFINE: Look up word definitions in a split-view dictionary with a single click. Bilingual dictionaries are available for a wide variety of language pairs. • TRANSCRIPTIONS: See how to pronounce words, for languages that don't use Roman characters (eg. Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Russian, and more). You can also show/hide transcriptions (to test your comprehension) and disable links (to define words embedded in a link). • Visit the "Developer Website" URL to get in contact about bugs/feature requests via social media. • Visit the "App Support" URL to see documentation on how to configure LinguaBrowse correctly for your language of choice. Reviews are of course greatly appreciated, and bug reports are of great use to improving LinguaBrowse (I can't find all the bugs by myself!). LinguaBrowse was made using the React Native framework, and programmed with TypeScript and Swift. PERMISSIONS AND LICENCES • To see usage licences for the LinguaBrowse logo, visit the "Developer Website" URL. • Articles displayed in the App Store® promotional media are viewable at the URLs written into the URL bar, and are licensed under an "Attribution 2.5 (CC BY 2.5)" licence: and usage is not endorsed by the content creators. • Dictionary definitions shown in the App Store® promotional media are used under appropriate licences. English definitions are derived from ; Chinese definitions are derived from惩恶扬善 ; and Japanese definitions are derived from曼珠沙華 ; all are licensed under the "Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0)" licence: and usage is not endorsed by the content creators. • For all other licences (eg. technical), visit the 'Licenses' page in-app, or go directly to: