Swiftify for Xcode

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Important: if you don't see the "Xcode Source Editor" menu item under System Preferences -> Extensions, this is most likely due to a corrupt installation of the Xcode itself. The best suggestion here is to do a clean reinstall of the Xcode from the AppStore.Swiftify Xcode Extension allows converting your Objective-C code to Swift 4 right in Xcode! The included Advanced Project Converter macOS app allows for the gradual conversion of projects, automating the process as much as possible!To install Swiftify for Xcode in Xcode 9 on macOS High Sierra: • Quit Xcode; • Launch "Swiftify for Xcode" from your Applications folder and follow the link to get your API key (if you leave it blank, the output will be limited to 1 KB); • Enable Swiftify extension in System Preferences -> Extensions -> Xcode Source Editor; • Restart Xcode; • Use Editor -> Swiftify menu to convert selection, whole file or clipboard contents from Objective-C to Swift.The converted code is transferred over an encrypted HTTPS connection and is NEVER stored on our servers!If you are interested in the offline version with a similar functionality, it is also available at https://objectivec2swift.com/#/offline-converter/Swift and Xcode are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Swiftify (https://swiftify.com/) is not affiliated with Apple, Inc.