Little Genius Kids Pro

OS X 10.7
What do parents want for their growing kids? A well rounded development and exposure to a variety of educational and fun activities is the need of the hour. This series brings the same in a wholesome package of 9-In-1: Little Genius Kids consisting of nine apps. Initiate your kids into a plethora of activities with these apps: 1. Learn to Count- Counting with cute birds & animals 2. Jigsaw Preschool Puzzles for Kids- A variety of simple jigsaw puzzles which can raise a child’s curiosity. 3. Easy Craft- Crafting was never so easy! Compile an entire craft book with a finger touch. 4. Match and Learn- A game of matching objects which will sharpen the little brains! 5. Alphabets Teacher- An app for learning alphabets 6. Follow Me- A brain teasing game 7. Kids paints & Colors- A coloring game with many paint options 8. Preschool Shapes- Learn about basic shapes and create fun characters 9. Jigsaw Toddler Puzzle- A double picture puzzle with two similar images to raise the challenge The entire set focuses on myriad activities such that the kids learn and play at the same time. There is never a dull moment for the child as the colorful characters keep him engaged for hours! Features: • 9 games designed for kids from pre-school onwards. • Teaches alphabets, words, numbers, counting. • Spatial thinking with jigsaw and picture puzzle. • Crafting and coloring activities to learn about colors and characters. • Interactive apps with timely hints. • Realistic characters. • Easy to use.