LUCiD Details for Photos

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With LUCiD apps for Photos, you can quickly and easily make your pictures look their best. LUCiD Details is perfect for adding depth and sharpness to your images while removing noise. Our patented science automatically reveals the subtle details hidden in every image. FAST & EASY FIXES With LUCiD Details, it takes just one click to get the perfect photo. Choose from eight great presets designed by professional photographers. You can use the Strength slider to dial in the perfect setting. REVEAL ALL THE DETAIL, WITHOUT THE NOISE Our technology locates all the details in an image and enhances them, producing clearer and sharper photos right away. Plus, we eliminate distracting noise in photos taken in low-light. PROFESSIONAL, PROVEN RESULTS BACKED BY PERFECTLY CLEAR® SCIENCE With LUCiD Details, you tap into technology used by pro photographers and large photo labs worldwide. They depend on our science to automatically produce 11 billion amazing photos every year. We continue to innovate with our team of physicists, engineers, and photographers to make your photos look their best, effortlessly. WORKS WITH PHOTOS FOR MAC Not only can you use LUCiD as a fast standalone application, but it's a great extension that works with Photos for Mac. Use the power of LUCiD Details directly in the Photos app for Mac. 8 PRESETS CREATED BY PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS 1. Intelligent Auto — The image is analyzed and LUCiD makes automatic adjustments to fix the depth and contrast while removing noise. This adds more details and pop to the image. 2. Noise buster — Removes noise from the image while adding a bit of sharpening to preserve details. 3. Camera Phone — Stronger noise removal and sharpening which is perfect for images captured with a smartphone. 4. Night — Brings out the details in nighttime photos while reducing noise and adding depth. 5. Live Event — Fixes photos from concerts and events to give you great exposure and details while reducing noise. 6. Razor sharp — Helps sharpen any photo to bring out the most detail in an image. 7. Increased Details — Gently boosts the details, sharpness, color, and depth in an image. 8. Hair Enhance — Great for enhancing hair and fine details in a photo.. AUTO-CORRECT PHOTOS FOR PROFESSIONAL-LOOKING RESULTS Time-saving presets developed by pro photographers Quickly refine the results using the Strength slider Use as standalone software or Photos for Mac extension Can be accessed directly within the editing mode of Photos for Mac lu·cid /'loosəd/ 1. Easy to understand 2. Bright or luminous 3. Fun, easy-to-use image enhancement Mac App, powered by Perfectly Clear® science Time to stop dreaming about better photos and harness the magic of LUCiD to make your photos look their best.