Luminar 2018: Pro photo editor

OS X 10.10
GREAT PHOTOGRAPHY DIFFERENTLY. Luminar is professional photo editor that allows you to make incredible photos in less time. Enjoy professional tools, innovative filters powered by AI, speed, flawless Raw processing and other features to help you quickly make wonderful images. CREATIVE FILTERS & PRO TOOLS Accent - AI: Automatic image enhancement powered by artificial intelligence Black & White Conversion: Create a monochrome masterpiece Saturation / Vibrance: Make your colors pop with intensity Structure: Increase contrast and subtle details to bring out surface texture Tone: Correct overall brightness and contrast for a balanced image Vignette: Make your subject the center of attention Clarity: Easily reveal subtle details and texture in your image Dehaze: Get rid of unwanted fog and haze Details Enhancer: Make your photos sharp and crystal-clear Foliage Enhancer: Enhance landscapes by changing the color of the foliage Polarizing Filter: Give your photos depth and enhance blue skies Remove Color Cast: Get rid of unwanted color casts in your image Sharpening: Improve the clarity and focus of your image Cross Processing: Give your photo a vintage or off-colored spin Dramatic: Achieve a gritty and unique cinematic look Fog: Increase the mood of your photos by adding a bit of fog Golden Hour: Get the magic golden hour look any time of the day Grain: Add realistic film grain to your images High Key: Turn your images into bright, high-contrast photos Image Radiance: Add a creative glow to your photos for a dreamy, fantasy look Orton Effect: Give your photos a unique look that sharpens and blurs at the same time Soft Focus: Add a creative glow for perfect portraits and landscapes Soft Glow: Create beautiful lighting effects on bright areas with this filter Split Toning: Create two different colors for the highlights and shadows of your image Texture Overlay: Add a texture to your image Advanced Contrast: Gain control over contrast by tonal range Channel Mixer: Mix and fine-tune your Red, Green and Blue color information Color Balance: Correct colors and creative control within different tone regions Color Contrast: Adjust contrast based on the selected hue Curves: Precisely fine-tune tonal adjustments with this powerful tool HSL: Selectively adjust hue, saturation and luminance to specific colors Micro Structure: Sharpen areas of fine-details and textures Photo Filter: Warm or cool your images and add creative toning Split Color Warmth: Selectively enhance warm and cool tones Adjustable Gradient: Separately adjust the top and bottom sections of your image Bi-Color Toning: Apply two different colors to tone various parts of your photo Brightness / Contrast: Increase or decrease the brightness and contrast of your image Color Temperature: Modify the color temperature and white balance in your picture Exposure: Adjust the brightness of your photos Highlights / Shadows: Easily adjust light and dark areas of your photos Top & Bottom Lighting: Flexibly adjust the lighting of your photo PHOTO PRESETS Basic category: universal presets for all types of photos Street category: great presets to enhance your street shots Outdoor: a collection of presets that are well-suited for outdoor lighting Portrait: ideal for portraits and family photos Travel: evoke a mood and stylize your photos from different places Dramatic: Use these presets to create images that offer a dramatic flair Aerial Inspired by DJI: presets for photos taken from your drone. Custom Presets: Create and save your own custom presets There are even more incredible features in Luminar, including Layers, Lens Correction, Blending Modes, Masking, Powerful Raw develop module and much more. If you have questions, or want to try Luminar for free, visit GREAT PHOTOGRAPHY DIFFERENTLY.