Magic Window – Yosemite National Park

OS X 10.9
Magic Window is the absolute best and most beautiful timelapse wallpaper and screen saver available for your Mac. This special edition includes twenty amazing views from Yosemite National Park that move slowly on your desktop. Watch as time and light slowly paint the skies beautiful colors bringing your desktop to life. Created by the same team that brought you Magic Window for iPad and iPhone, this is a new style of desktop wallpaper made using timelapse photography. The wallpapers slowly blend over time revealing magical changes in scenery and color. The goal is to create slow and subtle movement that does not distract from work. Magic Window wallpapers are full 16:10 HD resolution (1920x1200) and look fantastic on every single Mac as well as HD displays. These are truly high definition wallpapers, not stretched low resolution videos. All photography was done by our professional team specifically for this app. Each wallpaper was carefully mastered to ensure the highest visual quality. We only include wallpapers that we consider to be "the best." Magic Window fully supports multiple monitors allowing you to have different views on each display and to selectively enable or disable displays. AirPlay can also be used to display the views on an Apple TV. Magic Window offers a variety of speeds that let you control how fast the wallpaper moves as well as how much CPU the app consumes. People who like static wallpaper but want something a little more will love "slowest" mode which shows no visible movement, while fans of live wallpaper will like fastest mode. Magic Window does not require a discrete graphics processor and fully supports graphics switching. Macs with discrete graphics will not be forced into discrete mode by running Magic Window. This minimizes battery use. EACH VIEW IS MADE FROM OVER 1,000 PHOTOGRAPHS. OVER 30,000 PHOTOGRAPHS WERE USED TO MAKE THIS APP. PLEASE NOTE: This is not a system screen saver - it works independently of the system screen saver.