Make it Grow

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Plant a Tree, Make it Grow! This app helps young kids bring nature to life by learning all about planting and nurturing trees. Children ages 3-5 join virtual friends to grow their own garden and enjoy its fruits, just in time for the Jewish holiday of the trees--Tu Bishvat. With guided feedback, kids can •Dig a hole, plant the seed, water it, and direct sunlight to make the seed sprout •Tour the garden from a butterfly’s view •Go underground with a ladybug to give water to the tree roots •Catch falling fruit off the trees •Cut fruit and earn more seeds to start all over again! FAMILY ENGAGEMENT With a kid-friendly interface, this is an app children will enjoy again and again as they master the art of planting, learn about Tu Bishvat, and appreciate the importance of trees and our environment. The app also features information on Tu Bishvat for parents, holiday music, and a photo diary for families to upload photos as they grow plants at home. Great for Tu Bishvat or anytime! ABOUT THE PJ LIBRARY / JEWISH INTERACTIVE COLLABORATION PJ Library sends free Jewish children's books to families with kids ages 6 months through 8 across the world every month. We know that something magical happens when parents sit down together to read with their children. PJ Library shares Jewish stories that can help families talk together about values, traditions, and culture that are important to them. Jewish Interactive is a not-for-profit educational trust that utilizes educational technology to create accessible, affordable and engaging Jewish education for any child, anywhere. “Make It Grow” is a collaboration between PJ Library and Jewish Interactive.