MakePDF: Document Merger

OS X 10.11
MakePDF allows you to merge multiple files in a unique PDF really quickly by simply dropping them in the app or using the Extension from the Finder. MakePDF support an endless list of files: • Plain text files. • Word and Pages documents. • PowerPoint and Keynote presentations. • Excel and Numbers spreadsheets. • Source code files (with line numbers). • Images and Photos. • And of course: PDFs. If installed, MakePDF will automate the native apps of each file format to ensure the best quality in the final PDF. Everything in MakePDF is designed to allow you to create PDFs super-quickly: if you drop multiple files and folder or use the Share Extension MakePDF will auto-sort your files alphabetically and it will even try to guess the output file name and save location with the SmartPath technology and you can quickly print the full document from MakePDF. You can be even use MakePDF directly in the Finder and other apps with its Share Extension. Support for other file types may be added in a future update. Requests are welcomed at @pvieito.