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Track your time, quickly and easily. QuickTimer works with QuickBooks* and many other applications. QuickTimer is a highly customizable and robust time tracking and reporting application. Use it to track billable or non-billable time for internal projects and/or clients. Then import the time into your accounting software such as QuickBooks* or other accounting applications, spreadsheet applications like Microsoft Excel and many more. QuickTimer was designed with the basic theory that most consultants track their time as billable or non-billable based on the client, task, item, or employee performing the work, along with a description of the work performed. Time is tracked by the second with a rounding basis, such as rounding up to the next minute increment. You can periodically export the time that has been logged and export it in several formats including QuickBooks* Timer IIF, comma delimited, tab delimited, HTML. Features include the following. - Exports to QuickBooks* Timer IIF format, comma or tab delimited, or HTML - Import lists of Clients, Items, Employees or Class - Auto-purge records with options for how long to keep the records for days, weeks, months, or years - Start/Stop Timer - Start/End Times - Piechart of data - Set defaults for Clients, Items, Employees, Class, or Billable/Non-Billable to minimize data entry - Round time up by 1 second, 1 minute, 5 minutes, 6 minutes, 15 minutes, or 30 minutes - View time records options for All Records, Exported or Not Exported, last week, this week, or other filtering criteria - Rename fields for Client, Item, Employee or Class - Set carriage return & line feed options for exporting to different platforms, if needed - And more Click the Support button for more information and to download a DEMO. *Before purchasing this application, you should check for import compatibility with your desktop computer application, including QuickBooks. The QuickTimer QB Timer IIF export function has been tested with several versions of QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Premier; however, because of the various changes to QuickBooks over the years, it is impossible for us to check them all. If your version of QuickBooks does not have the specific import option that says "Time Activities" you should check with Intuit for compatibility prior to purchase. As of this writing, QuickBooks Mac does not have the ability to import Timer IIF data.