Mark Tool Basic

OS X 10.7
Mark Tool Basic is for ui designers and developers. It can measure and mark length,color or corrdinates efficiently, and save you a lot time. Length Mark: Mark the UI element's length. Also it support horizontal/vertical auto detect. Rect Mark: Mark the coordinates and rectangles. Support flip Y coordinate. Check setting. Color Mark: This tool let you pick the color of the image. There are 7-formats of color. Check setting. Text Mark: This tool let you write any comments to the UI. It convenient for communicate with developer. Features: Support PNG,JPEG,BMP Export to PNG,JPEG,BMP Change mark color Change background color Horizontal auto detect length [Caps Lock Off with press space] Vertical auto detect length [Caps Lock On with press space] Flip Y coordinate Mark Coordinates and Rectangles Mark Color with 7-formats Color Special for MacOS Generic Color Profile Write Comments Zoom In/Zoom Out/Fit Size for image Undo and redo for editing ============================ This is basic version of Mark Tool. Have two limitation: 1: Can not saving the editing progress. 2: Export Image have watermark.