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MarkieMark is a simple, yet powerful image markup & annotation tool designed specifically for macOS, & available at an affordable price. MarkieMark includes all the essential image markup tools: • Full-featured Bézier Path Tool. • Brush Tool for freehand scribbling. • Smart Path Tool for smooth lines – useful for diagrams & flowcharts. • Speech Bubble Tool for callouts or captions. • Redact Tool for obscuring sensitive data. • Optional multi-page documents. • Optional Outline Sidebar for easily managing objects & groups of objects. • Objects snap to Canvas Bounds, other objects on the Canvas, or user-created Alignment Guides. • Canvas adjustable Zoom & Optional Layout Grid. • Arrows, Boxes & Text with adjustable Fill, Shadow & multiple Stroke options. • Export images to PNG, JPG, GIF, TIFF, or multi-page PDF. Use MarkieMark to: • Highlight pictures with captions, speech bubbles, arrows, boxes & text. • Obscure sensitive information with pixelated redactions. • Mark-up maps with driving directions or other tips. • Enhance bug reports via images annotated with explanatory text, arrows & magnified areas.