The Mystery of the Buttons Family

OS X 10.7
Welcome to a new title from the famous saga ‘The Mystery’, we present ‘The Mystery of the Button Family’... The Button family has kept a priceless medallion for generations. One fine day this medallion disappeared, all suspicions pointed to the family butler but they could never prove anything. Little Lisa had always heard the story of the medallion and the butler. One morning while returning home from school she passed by the door to the house which had been the home of the Button family for years. Determined to solve the mystery of the medallion, she took courage and entered the house in search of answers... Will Lisa be able to solve the mystery? Was the family right and the butler was to blame for everything? Features: - Based on Point and Click games - Amazing graphics that will immerse you in the story - Lots of items to collect and puzzles to solve - An incredible soundtrack - Auto-Save - HD Graphics - All items labeled - NO hidden objects - Translated into: Spanish-English-Italian-French-German More ‘The Mystery’ games : -The Mystery of Lost Town -The Mystery of Dream Box -The Mystery of Skull Island