Master Class – Guides for PowerPoint 2011

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In PowerPoint for Mac 2011 Essential Training, we demonstrate how to create effective slideshows and dynamic presentations using the tools in Microsoft PowerPoint 2011. The course provides in-depth instructions for changing the look of presentations: using built-in and custom themes, formatting text, inserting tables and charts, adding pictures and SmartArt drawings, and adding animation. It also shows how to proof presentations and ready them for viewing, and gives details on the different ways to share presentations. Exercise files are included with the course. Lessons include: ● Navigating the User Interface ● Getting Started ● Formatting a Presentation ● Working with Text ● Working with Tables and Charts ● Working with Pictures and Multimedia ● Animating Your Presentation ● Proofing Your Content ● Showing Your Presentation ● Sharing Your Presentation ● Customizing Your Work Environment