Math Interactive

OS X 10.9.0
Improve your math skills and get a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts, definitions, formulas and proofs. With 23 subjects containing more than 200 articles with detailed descriptions, solved solutions and thorough proofs, this app is perfect for every high school student or any person eager to learn mathematics. Improve your intuition by exploring the interactive illustrations and learn how to solve both simple and difficult math problems through elegant solutions. Buy Premium to access all content and features. • Quickly search for the article or formula you need. • Improve your understanding with interactive illustrations. • Use the links to read more on a subject. • Enjoy the graceful and user-friendly design. The app covers the following 23 subjects: • Coordinate System • Differential Calculus • Differential Equations • Exponential Functions • Functions • Geometry • Geometry Terms • Hypothesis Testing • Integral Calculus • Linear Functions • Numbers and Algebra • Percentages • Power Functions • Probability • Quadratic Equation • Quadratic Polynomial • Regression and Growth • Solid Geometry • Statistics • The Straight Line • Trigonometry • Vectors in 2D • Vectors in 3D Space